As One Community Choir

Terms and Conditions


Taster Session

Any potential new members are welcome to try a free ‘taster session’ without obligation.


Choir Membership Fees

·         As One Community Choir operates an upfront payment system per term.

·         The fee per term is £50.00 for a minimum of ten weeks.  There is no charge for under 18's.

·         If paying by bank transfer, the termly fee must be paid a week before the beginning of each term               so that a record of this is available at the first rehearsal.

·         Standing orders can be paid on 1 September, 1 January and 1 April of each year.

·         Cheque/Cash payments can be made on the first rehearsal of term.  If the termly fee cannot be                  paid at the first rehearsal, then that session will need to be paid for – at the cost of £6.00

·        Members are encouraged to pay the full termly fee, however where this is not possible, then the                 weekly cost will be £6.00 which must be paid at the beginning of each rehearsal. 

·         Should an individual join the choir after the choir term has started, they will need to pay the termly            fee of £50.00 or pay on a weekly basis at £6.00.

·        Please contact us for bank details.



Once paid, membership fees are non-refundable.


Video and Photographs

By joining As One Community Community Choir members agree that photos and video footage may be taken of all members and used for advertising and marketing purposes.


Personal Data

By signing up to As One Community Choir you are agreeing that we can process your personal data in line with our data protection policy which can be forwarded to you on request. 


As One Community Choir Values

·         Everyone has a voice and they should be heard.

·         We arrive at rehearsals on time and ready to give our best effort.

·         We take the time to connect with those that we sing and make music with.

·         We take risks with our singing and performing so that we continually grow.